I started as almost a newbie in this hackathon. Like most of us out there, I knew bits of some technology and would occasionally apply it to my projects.

I joined the hackathon scared. I wanted to learn but I knew it was going to be hard as much experience people would be present here.
Mind it, I am not a pro at coding.

But woahhhh, the hackathon proved to be such a blessing!

MLH INIT 2022 came with a full package! I could do beginner codes, I could learn and make complex projects, I could design stuff (PS, I designed a tee), I could work individually AND in groups, and so much more!

I have learnt so much here in 3 days and I don’t even want to stop!
I want to design more. I realized Photoshop is something I can easily ace.
I want to work with others on coding projects! Yes, this is new.
I want to learn here, there is so much to learn here!!

Yes, I look like a zombie — kudos to less sleep and coffee — but it is so worth it!
I have gained confidence in myself.

To anyone new who wants to see how a hackathon looks like but is scared, this is were you should participate. You’ll see the power of team work while acing on your projects individually too!



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